Announcing: Paulette Pearson Studio + Hunt & Bloom

I teamed up with Will Hunt Lewis of Hunt & Bloom in Houston to design a line of tea towels and totes featuring my illustrations! The launch date, product images and purchasing details will be revealed soon. In the meantime, I wanted to talk a little about the drawings I created for this collaboration. Eek!

Will Hunt has the most fabulous shop thanks to his talent for hunting down the very best pieces. He curates vintage and antique decor alongside modern wares, and I especially admire his eye for art. (I completely fell in love with Will Hunt’s booth at Marburger Farm in Round Top this year–even before I realized it was his. It reminded me of a fabulous brocante in France with so many beautiful antique plates, furnishings and other unique treasures for the home.)

Naturally, when Will Hunt reached out about working together on a collection for his shop, I immediately said yes! He tasked me with creating several illustrations within three themes: “Easy Entertaining,” “Chintzy Chairs” and “Colorful Intaglios.” We also included a “bonus” design–more to come on that!

  • For our Easy Entertaining theme, I imagined how hostesses might look and dress during the 1950s and ’60s. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Mad Men both came to mind! Truly, there is nothing I’d love more than to attend a cocktail party during that era so these were a blast to bring to life. How perfect are these chic hostesses for a set of tea towels??



  • When Will Hunt suggested we do a series of Chintzy Chairs, my inner maximalist rejoiced at the idea. I’ve never met a chintz pattern I didn’t like. I illustrated several chair silhouettes to showcase how these sweet floral patterns can bring any style of furniture to life. They have so much personality! I especially love our dark wood frame chair design with a hint of pattern on the cushion.



  • Our Colorful Intaglio designs are a spin on the classic grand tour intaglio, but in rainbow-bright hues à la Bridie Hall! I have several framed intaglios hanging throughout my house and love the three-dimensional quality of intaglios, which I tried to get across in my illustrations. In the same vein, I also added a “bonus” drawing to this series inspired by a pair of my cameo earrings. We cannot wait for you to see! More soon. xoxo

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